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In This Issue:
Know When to Call the Professionals
Real-World Solutions:
Craft a Clear Cross-Cultural Message
Tip from the Trenches:
Do You Really Need That Comma?
Take Note:
Put Your Writing to the Test

SpotlightKnow When to Call the Professionals

Is your team struggling to produce solid writing? Look for these signs, and then call the experts at Hurley Write.

Real-World Solutions

Real-World SolutionsCraft a Clear Cross-Cultural Message

Hurley Write helps one international organization communicate complex medical information to a global audience.

Tip from the Trenches

Tip from the TrenchesDo You Really Need That Comma?

Seldom has such a simple punctuation mark caused so much uproar. Get the facts on grammar’s most controversial figure, the Oxford comma.

Take Note

Take NotePut Your Writing to the Test

Think you know punctuation? Have a look at this passage to see if you can pick out the necessary edits. You could win an online writing course and really improve your writing!

Client Success

"The technical writing course was very beneficial to me. I liked how the course was presented, enjoyed the class, and found your suggestions very insightful. I thank you for your regular feedback and editing of my documents."

-- Rahul Ramamurti, Ph.D., Sr. Process Engineer, Research and Development

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