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People in business meetingPaul Doody, partner at environmental and engineering consulting firm Anchor QEA (AQ), understands the challenges of communicating with multiple audiences. As an acting project manager for contaminated sediment projects, Paul must communicate all aspects of these projects, from basic status updates to complex reports and design documents. His audiences include clients, colleagues, attorneys, federal and state regulators, and the public.

The most difficult aspect of writing, says Paul, is "communicating technical information to non-technical audiences."

Then Paul participated in a Hurley Write, Inc. technical writing course.

Engaging and fun
Paul's goal for the course was simply to pick up a few writing tips. He came away with writing skills for creating content that is clear and concise, as well as a refresher on sentence and paragraph structure. Now, he thinks more about his writing, and the results are better organized and more precise.

Paul remarks that Pam Hurley's teaching style stood out for him.

"She did a great job engaging the class, and the use of our own writing samples made the learning much more relevant and understandable," he says.

Paul really appreciated the use of his own technical writing examples for the class exercises. He was able to ask questions that were specific to his writing, and he received direct feedback on writing samples from both the instructor and classmates.

A writing course for everyone
In Hurley Write's onsite scientific and technical writing courses, participants learn how to develop a writing strategy and how to apply critical and organizational techniques. They also learn specific tools for creating the body of the work as well as supplementary components. And they develop editing, proofreading, and presentation skills. By using their own writing in exercises, participants have the opportunity to get specific, direct feedback that they can put to use immediately.

Are you tasked with writing scientific or technical content that non-technical readers can understand? Hurley Write can show you how. Email or call us toll-free at 877-24-WRITE(877-249-7483).

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