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Edit the passage below. The exercise should take only 1-2 minutes, and you'll be entered to win a free online writing course: Hurley Write's Online Technical Writing Course, Option 2. Gain confidence in your writing, and watch your career improve. We'll post the winner in next month's newsletter, so stay tuned! Entry deadline is June 25.

Use transitional words and phrases to rewrite this paragraph to make it read more smoothly and to show connections between and among ideas. Feel free to rearrange the order of the words/sentences. (Hint: Our newest podcast discusses transitions, so you may wish to listen before you start working on the revision.)

He did not understand the symbols he was using. He was unfamiliar with how they were being used. He understood only that he felt out of place. He did not know why. He stood dumbly by the side of road. He waited for a ride home.

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