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Be Clear for Your Peers

Businesspeople using a laptopWriting for external audiences can easily take the lion's share of your team’s attention. Internal audiences (email recipients, project team members, document users) are often just as important — and the quality of your organization’s writing needs to reflect that.

Consider the types of content that you produce for readers inside your organization:

These documents might not seem as important as the content destined for an outside audience; however, if these types of communicative documents aren't well planned and well written, the results can cause real problems.

Follow a plan
Good writing provides clear direction, improves efficiency, and even boosts morale.
Internal document writers should follow similar guidelines as they would when writing external content:

Regardless of whether your organization’s employees are producing content for research groups, grant reviewers, or peers, good writing skills benefit everyone.

Applying a sound writing process to your internal documents is a crucial part of supporting your team’s success. Hurley Write can help you perfect such techniques. Call us toll-free at 877-24-WRITE (877-249-7483) or email for a no-cost consultation.

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