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Simplify these directions for making a cup of tea.

First, pour clean, potable water into a kettle that is designed to withstand high temperatures and direct heat. Turn the heat on as hot as the device you are using allows. Keep the kettle on the heat until the water inside is boiling. Often, kettles emit a high-pitched tone when the interior liquid reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also tell the correct temperature has been reached by monitoring the kettle for escaped steam which signals that the water has come to a full rolling boil. Now that the water is sufficiently heated, pour exactly one cup, eight fluid ounces, of the prepared water into an appropriate container, like a mug or thermos, that already has bag of tea inside it. For the next step, allow the tea and water to cohabit the mug so that the flavors of the tea bag can diffuse into the surrounding water. After five minutes, take the tea bag out of the drinking container and discard it into a trash receptacle or composting system. The last step is the best one because now that you have made the tea you are finally able to relax and savor the delicate taste and aroma.

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