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		Distracting Woman's Legs in Business OfficeClear, concise writing effectively explains your message. Read the scenario below and write a response. It should only take 1-2 minutes, and you will be entered to win a free online writing course. Gain confidence in your writing, and watch your career improve. We'll post the winner, plus the funniest, wittiest, most compelling, and most creative submissions next month, so stay tuned!

Wear This, not That!

You work for a company that has no dress code policy. However, one of your staff consistently comes to work dressed inappropriately — too much skin showing, radical clothing, etc. You need to alert this person that her business apparel is not suited for the workplace, but you also understand that if you don't approach this properly, you run the risk of offending your employee and worse, that she might file a complaint against you. Write the email that you'd write to her asking her to consider a different wardrobe.

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