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Client Success

"I thought the online [technical] writing course was very well-designed and gave me new insights into the entire writing process. It enabled me to present my ideas for proposals with a better focus and I was able to capture new ideas for a larger audience base."

— Technical Writer,
US Army

Daily Writing Tip

SpotlightThe "E" Factor: Effective Writing Yields Results

The best and brightest scientific and technical people often come up short when it comes to writing and publishing. However, writing effectively produces results and is a skill that everyone can learn.

Real-World Solutions

Real-World SolutionsPassing the Acid Test

Communicating complex concepts to various groups is a primary component of one hydrologist's job. After finding help with his documents, he now writes with confidence.

Tip from the Trenches

Tip from the TrenchesThe Art of the Abstract

Yes, you can sum up your paper — and hook readers — in 150 words. These tips show you how.

Take Note

Take NoteWin a Writing Course!

How do you tell a coworker she's dressed inappropriately? Submit your response and enter to win an online writing class.

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