"Useful Business Idioms to Master and Buzzwords to Avoid"

While it is not possible to present a comprehensive review of English grammar in a limited set of webinars, this course addresses some of the most frequent grammatical challenges that business writing in English poses for non-native speakers.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and correct errors in subject/verb agreement
  • Identify and correct incomplete and run-on sentences
  • Change overly complex sentences into simpler sentences
  • Understand when and how to write sentences in passive versus active voice
  • Use verbal rather than nominal word forms
  • Identify and correct errors in parallel structure
  • Eliminate unnecessary wordiness
  • Avoid using qualifiers that express uncertainty.
  • Avoid commonly misused words (use/utilize; there/their/they’re; principal/principle, etc.)
  • Order a series of pre-nominal adjectives correctly
  • Write from the point of view of the company versus the individual