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What’s covered in the courses?

Each onsite workshop, webinar, and virtual course is completely customized to focus on the areas that would be of most benefit to your team. All of the courses are based on readability studies, which ensures that your team has real tools they can use to write more effective documents.

How do your instructors design the course?

Our team of expert analysts does a deep dive into your team documents to get an understanding of what topics should be offered and how much time should be devoted to each. After we complete our analysis, we collaborate with you to understand your pain points.

How is the course offered?

We offer four options: customized onsite, webinar, and virtual; and online, which is an off-the-shelf option. Each of these can be coupled with our retention platforms, coaching, and feedback on participants’ writing.

How is the course customized?

We use your team’s writing samples in the course. This is effective for a number of reasons, but is important so that your team can apply the concepts after the workshop to writing with which they’re familiar. Don’t worry—the samples are never criticized, but are used in the training to give participants opportunities to apply concepts.

What are the deliverables?

A customized training designed around your team’s needs, a qualified instructor, workbooks, a copy of our eBook, and cheat sheets.

What does the training look like?

The onsite, webinar, and virtual training are highly interactive and engaging. Teams learn strategies to plan, write, and revise more effectively and how to collaborate with peers during the writing process. The online training is available 24/7 and includes voiced lectures, exercises, examples, and feedback on participants’ writing (feedback on writing can be included in the other types of training as well).

What can my team expect in terms of long-term training boosters?

We offer a variety of training boosters, including coaching, access to the online course and our digital library, and feedback on writing.

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