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What does a Hurley Write workshop look like?

We use a workshop-style approach in our writing, review, and presentations' courses to ensure a robust learning experience. In addition, you can expect a white-glove experience; what this means for you is that once you hire us, we take care of developing the course--all your team has to do is show up! Our customized workshops are highly engaging and interactive--we use micro-learning and incorporate in-class exercises, and collaborative breakout sessions to ensure a robust learning experience. Your team will complete a Hurley Write workshop armed with the tools they need to plan, write, and revise any document in less time. If your team takes one of our presentations' courses, they'll be better equipped to plan and deliver more compelling, targeted presentations. 

How long do the workshops last?

Our workshops run from one to five days, depending on the level of complexity of the documents your team writes and how much practice they need. Our writing courses can be combined with our presentations courses for a complete learning experience. We also offer courses as a series (where they’re offered over time), and as webinars, online courses, and virtual training. 

Which course is right for my team?

We get this question a lot – and it depends on the type of documents your team writes. Since we customize the onsite workshop, all training will be relevant to your team and industry.

What’s covered in the writing course?

We customize the workshops so that they meet your team's needs. We help organizations with business writing, technical writing, writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), presentations, scientific writing, and more. For a full look at everything we offer, click through to our course catalog.

What’s covered in the presentations courses?

The presentations courses, like the writing courses, focus on your team’s needs and are customized to meet their needs. Whether they need help using data to tell a story, creating compelling PowerPoints, or presenting to large or small groups, we have a solution.

How much do the onsite courses cost?

Our courses are priced by number of participants, the number of days you require, and the content that will be covered each day.

Prices range from $430 to $670 per person per day.

Pricing includes:

  • Development costs to design a completely customized course based on your team's needs and goals
  • Analysis of your team’s documents by our experts to design the course around your specific goals
  • Development of breakout sessions that provide your team opportunities to apply these concepts
  • An experienced trainer who comes to your facility
  • A selection of training boosters to keep your team engaged after the initial session

How do Hurley Write’s courses differ from other writing courses?

Ours is a white glove service: we develop the course, your team shows up!
Our courses are customized: we use your team's writing samples in the workshop so that they'll be able to apply the concepts long they've completed the workshop.
Our instructors are experts: our instructors have deep knowledge about writing and are experienced trainers.
Many writing courses focus on grammar principles, instead of on teaching people how to write. While your team may need grammar help, in our experience, it’s not grammar that’s the issue but lack of a writing strategy.

A recent participant in one of our courses said of his experience: “I really didn’t know what to expect. I heard ‘writing course’ and thought it might be really boring. But in fact, it was just the opposite! Very engaging, and super relevant to what my team needed to accomplish.”

What happens when the course ends? 

We don’t teach these courses so that your team ends up with a certificate to hang at their desk. To that end, we offer a variety of training boosters that will keep your team focused! They’re designed to inform, engage, and ensure that your team can continue to apply the concepts in a meaningful way.

Do you offer public courses?

Our courses are customized, designed specifically for your team, and offered at your facility. We don’t offer public courses because we’ve found that such courses, because they’re generic, typically don’t result in long-term learning and results.

Do you offer courses in any other formats, besides onsite?

Yes. While the customized onsite workshop is the most popular, we also offer customized webinars, virtual courses, seminars, and series. In addition, we have online courses in business writing, technical writing, writing for engineers, and scientific writing.

Which course format is right for my team?

You can choose from a variety of modalities including onsite, online, webinars, virtual classroom, and one-on-one coaching.

Schedule a call with one of our consultants at 877-24WRITE (249-7483).

Do you offer any other services?

Yes. We provide coaching and editing services; we also help clients develop templates, style guides, and other types of reference documents.

Still not sure if we’re a fit? 

Let’s find out for sure. Schedule a call with one of our consultants at 877-24WRITE (249-7483) or take our 1-minute assessment to figure out what course could help your team most.

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