Our Philosophy Elearning is popular for a variety of reasons

Companies save money, employees don’t have to travel, and, theoretically at least, employees learn everything they would in an instructor-led course with our writing workshops online.

But let’s face it

Not all eLearning is created equal. In fact, we’ve all gone through online training where our ultimate goal was to get to the quiz, pass that, and move on. The course is so boring, so irrelevant, and the information so obvious that you wonder why you’re wasting your time.

The good news is that eLearning can be exciting, engaging, and your team can actually learn new approaches to streamline their writing and write more targeted documents! For that to happen, however, the eLearning must provide real, relevant strategies and introduce practical techniques that your team can use immediately.

And that’s exactly what our eLearning options provide! The concepts we teach in our writing workshops online are based on research, so that when your team completes a Hurley Write online course, workshop, they will have a toolbox of proven, time-tested strategies that help them plan, write, and revise more effectively and efficiently.

Whether you choose an online course for your team, you can bet that they’ll be excited to apply what they’ve learned.