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The Science of Outsourcing Writing Training: What to Look for From the Pros

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With a few exceptions, writing doesn’t often make it into a job description, but it’s part of everyone’s job role. When you want to increase your employees’ writing proficiency , whose job is that? That may not be in anybody’s job description, either. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Even for companies that like to keep everything in-house, outsourcing writing training makes sense. 

Even when you have skilled writers on staff, bringing in an outside writing teacher makes sense for several reasons:

  • Writing skills and teaching skills represent two distinct skill sets, and even if you have a skilled writer, he or she may not be able to teach effectively.
  • Co-opting that person’s time to teach others to write interrupts their work and needlessly increases their workflow.
  • Once you have someone on staff who’s known around the office as “the writing teacher,” he or she may have to deal with ongoing interruptions and requests for help or editing.

But how do you find a good writing teacher? Look for a professional with the following qualities:

  • Several years of history working with companies across a range of sizes and sectors
  • Ability to provide references, specifically from repeat clients
  • Ability to provide evaluations from workshop participants
  • Offers a variety of courses, from the basics to more advanced topics such as the mechanics of effective writing
  • Employs instructors with advanced academic degrees, preferably PhDs, in the fields of writing, and who have experience in academic settings from a teaching perspective
  • Tailors its services to the needs of your company, taking into account the types of writing produced by your employees, the employees’ individual skills and weaknesses, and the company’s short- and long-term goals for the training.

If you’re curious about outsourcing writing training, contact Hurley Write, Inc. today. We have a strong record of working with companies of all sizes with a variety of courses, as well as a growing body of free resources to help your employees grow as writers.

The Science of Outsourcing Writing Training: What to Look for From the Pros

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