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The Impact of Writing on the Brain: Revealed

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The ability to write well is a powerful tool.  It’s a skill that captures people’s attention, persuades, solves problems, and leaves an emotional impression.  A well-written document can easily sway a powerful audience, be they clients or co-workers.  Not convinced?  Keep reading!
This infographic , “Amazing Facts on Writing and How it Affects our Brain,” reveals some fascinating details about how authors and readers respond to good and bad writing.
The act of writing itself stimulates an important system in the brain known as the reticular activating system (RAS), which is responsible for filtering and processing information.  When you physically write something down, the RAS focuses more closely on processing what you write.  This, in turn, increases your ability to remember it.
Now, the question is how to write engaging content that your audience remembers? The key is presenting your information in an engaging way.  On paper, or even on a computer screen, the way your words are organized is key.
The act of reading PowerPoint slides for example, where information is usually listed in bullet point form, doesn’t engage your audience, but activates only the areas of the brain that process language for the purpose of interpreting meaning.  Without variation, readers aren’t inspired to think any further about what they see.
In contrast, organizing information strategically keeps the audience hooked.  Not all facts should be listed in the same format, and the evolution of the message should be clear.  Writing engaging content is similar to telling a story orally.  Your audience should be able to tell that you’re building upon your introduction to get to the conclusion.
Additionally, using descriptive language, including action words, appeals to the motor cortex part of the brain.  The cortex works to trigger a sensory response in readers that they’ll remember later.  However, overused or cliché words don’t have the same sensory effect in that they’re simply processed for understanding as are  the PowerPoint bullets and are easily forgotten.
All of Hurley Write, Inc.’s courses cover the basics of good writing, from using language effectively, to proper sentence structure, and to ensuring engaging organization.  If you want your team’s documents to get the message across and leave an impact on your audience, contact Hurley Write for a no-cost consultation today!  We can create a customized course for your business and help your team write clearer, more effective documents.

The Impact of Writing on the Brain: Revealed

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