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Benefits of Offering a Business Writing Workshop to Your Team

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Our recent blog, “Avoid Communication Breakdowns by Integrating Soft Skills into Employee Training Programs,” discusses the importance of including communication, creativity, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills into your on-the-job training. Today, more and more companies are choosing to wait to find the “perfect candidate,” because they believe the over-saturated job market will provide them this opportunity.

In reality, this so-called idea of perfection can be obtained only through taking advantage of the benefits of on-the-job-training. As the blog mentioned, a report from the Workforce Solutions Group 2013 State of the St. Louis Workforce showed that 70 percent of companies are using in-house and online training to help close the skill gap.

Setting up a comprehensive writing training course does require an investment of both time and money, but as studies demonstrate, it’s an investment that provides many benefits, including ROI.

The Benefits of Employee Writing Workshops

 The 2012 Howard Community College article, “Return on Investment for Customized Training,” found that companies that use training programs note numerous benefits:

  • An increase in the quantity, quality, speed, motivation, problem solving, and communication skills of employees
  • An increase in profit margins, income per employee, and total shareholder return that’s 45 percent higher than market average
  • Improved employee and customer satisfaction and retention
  • A 100 percent ROI, thanks to an increase in productivity of as little as 2 percent

Of course, not all the benefits of employee training can be quantified or measured by ROI tracking, such as improvements in employee happiness and morale. As a result, there is a need for more effective ways of tracking ROI, especially since everyone learns differently.

The Kirkpatrick and Brinkerhoff methods each measure the value and benefits of on-the-job employee training.

The Kirkpatrick method uses five levels to measure the different types of learning and learners, with the last level designed to calculate ROI. The Brinkerhoff method, also known as the Success Case Method, helps businesses identify the benefits of employee training and learn where improvements can be made.

Implementing a Writing Training Course

Now that you know more about the importance of employee training programs, for both your employees and your ROI, it’s time to consider implementation. Contact us to learn how we can help you create customized courses in technical writing, scientific writing, and business writing that will increase your ROI.

Benefits of Offering a Business Writing Workshop to Your Team

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