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Professional Writing Skills lead to Success and Promotion

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Because the business world is becoming more competitive, getting that perfect job or being promoted can be difficult, especially if you lack the proper skills. While the right education and relevant experience are essential, being proficient at writing is a “must.” 

Maggie McCormick, author of “ Writing and Communication Skills Essential To Business Success and Promotion ,” writes, “Since the art of doing business often involves communicating—in person, on the phone and in email—writing and communication skills are essential for business success and promotions.”

Many methods are available to enhance your professional writing skills, but three are absolutely essential.


Many professionals lack a basic understanding of how to proofread, which may impact the image they wish to portray in their writing. Ensuring that your writing has no errors increases your credibility and indicates your level of thoroughness and attention to detail. Many proofreading methods are available; if you don’t have a strategy that works, consider taking an online writing course that includes information about proofreading.


Using language appropriately is also important. Professional writing is reader-focused, which means that you must keep your reader’s best interest in mind when choosing which words to use. To better understand what terms and words work for your reader, conduct a thorough audience analysis . Not sure how to do this? Our online and onsite courses can help you understand how to analyze your readers and meet their needs.

Headings and Subheadings

Headings and subheadings can go a long way toward helping your reader understand how to read and make sense of the document. Ensure that your headings and subheadings are specific in terms of indicating exactly what each section and subsection contains; this helps readers quickly and easily find information and enhances the document’s readability. When readers don’t have to work hard to find information, your image is enhanced and readers know they can depend on you to write logical, reader-friendly documents.

Success in business requires harnessing the writing skills you need to ensure that your writing stands out and that you’re ready for that promotion or qualified for that new job. For more tips and ways to enhance your professional writing skills and improve your business writing, contact us at Hurley Write, Inc.!

Professional Writing Skills lead to Success and Promotion

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