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Ineffective Writing Comes With a High Cost for Businesses

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Damage to your company’s image may seem like a high enough price to pay for ineffective writing, but the true cost of poor writing is often much higher. Workers who can’t communicate clearly and succinctly in writing can wreak havoc within your company and cause enormous losses.

Lost Productivity

Employees with meager writing skills are disadvantaged from the start. Any piece of written communication they need to create, from a simple memo to a   formal presentation   , will take more time than it should.

Every minute employees spend struggling to find the right word, choose punctuation, and   avoid grammatical errors   is a minute they’re not working on core tasks. Those minutes and hours quickly add up to days of lost productivity.

Ineffective writing isn’t limited to the writer, though. Convoluted, error-ridden writing creates a domino effect of confusion throughout your company. Anyone who receives unintelligible instructions will, at the very least, be forced to spend time getting clarification.

Ambiguous instructions can do even greater damage. Common problems with sentence structure and punctuation can lead the reader to understand something entirely different from what the writer intended. The unfortunate recipient could then spend hours or days doing the wrong thing. Once the mistake is discovered, the employee is then stuck backtracking and revising work that should already have been completed.

The Importance of Email

In the modern business world, the importance of email writing has skyrocketed from the lack of face-to-face and phone interaction. For those with good writing skills, it’s a huge time saver. But for those who struggle to express themselves clearly in writing, email makes communication slower, more stressful, and more likely to cause confusion.

Without quality writing skills, what should be a valuable tool becomes a cumbersome burden. By helping your employees develop the skills to   create articulate emails   , you enable them to take full advantage of email to both save time and reduce the risk of miscommunication.

Don’t let ineffective writing eat away at your profits. To learn more, contact us at   Hurley Write, Inc   . today.

Ineffective Writing Comes With a High Cost for Businesses

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