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Benefits of Investing in a Scientific Writing Workshop for Employees

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While some scientists are lucky enough to escape “publish or perish” environments, publication in scientific journals remains one of the best markers of scientific achievement. Even so, many people in scientific professions aren’t trained in the soft skills of writing. Even the peer-review process focuses more on the veracity of data than its legibility or accessibility. And yet, scientific information that isn’t clearly communicated often fails to garner the attention it deserves. That means that if you’re writing in a scientific capacity, you could benefit from investing in a scientific writing course.

The specific benefits of a scientific writing workshop include

  • Improved familiarity with what makes a manuscript publishable;
  • Greater awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer;
  • Improved ability to communicate ideas, support hypotheses, and analyze results;
  • A better sense of how to structure manuscripts to be as informative as possible;
  • A better sense of how each section of a manuscript operates as an individual informative unit and as part of a larger logical whole;
  • Training in how to respond to editors and reviewers who read your work; and
  • Improved overall writing skills with immediate and individual feedback.

Strong scientific writing also pays off for your organization as a whole, as stronger published articles lead to a higher profile for your company. Grants and fundraising efforts, from small crowd-funding projects to highly regarded grants, also benefit from improved scientific writing. And in an increasingly competitive funding market , the payoff can be lasting and immense.

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Benefits of Investing in a Scientific Writing Workshop for Employees

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