Writing Emails in Business


Emails have become THE most common way to communicate in business, so it's amazing that so often little thought is put into how they're written. Professional writing courses should cover how to write emails, but more importantly, the idea that emails, just as other types of writing, should be planned. Hurley Write offers audience/reader rubrics that help writers understand what they should know about readers--contact us for more information.

Essentially, writers should understand some key things about their readers: What do the readers need to know and when? What do they expect from the written communication? In emails, of course, the expectation is the the communication will brief and that the most important information will be first. Too often, writers see emails as a substitute for conversation and, to put it simply, they're not. Emails are an essential part of most organizations' communication, and thus organizations should devote time to helping staff understand how to write emails so that they effectively illustrate the organization's professionalism. Business writing courses, whether in-house or not, should emphasize emails' importance and how to appropriately plan and write them.

Well- (or poorly) written emails portray the image (or ethos) of a company; thus, companies should have a vested interest in ensuring that the emails that their staff write send the right message.