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Honing your Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing Skills

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Just as a gas crisis can help us learn better driving habits and ways to save gas, a down economy can be a perfect time to hone writing skills.

While many companies cut training budgets in a poor economy, that doesn’t mean
that you should neglect your own training. In fact, honing your skills, in addition to enhancing your value to an organization, can demonstrate your commitment
to self-improvement and can make your job easier, help you remain
competitive, and strengthen your confidence. Your skills matter, and shouldn’t suffer because your company may be offering less training. However, be sure that when you look for training that you consider payoff; in other words, consider training that gives you an immediate and appreciable impact. Ask if the training will help you do your job more effectively and efficiently immediately, and if that impact will continue.

Effective writing skills are valued by all organizations, especially when companies are trying to maintain their competitive edge in an economy that’s fairly bleak. With unemployment rising, showing that you’re innovative and ambitious by strengthening your writing skills can give you the upper hand. If you do take a writing, or any other course that enhances your skills, let your employers know. They need to know that you’ve taken the initiative to either enhance the effective writing skills you have or are working to remedy your writing skills. Either way, you’ll be in a win-win situation! 

Honing your Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing Skills

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