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Expression, tone, and emotion play a pivotal role in whether communication is successful or not, even in projects that are technically-oriented. This fairly easy in verbal communication: we’re all naturals at using nonverbal communication to enhance and strengthen our words. It’s more challenge, however, in writing projects. In fact, it can take years and quite a bit of training to develop effective written...


Business writing is a targeted form of writing designed to facilitate clear communication within and between private organizations, their peers, and their customers in order to produce desirable business results. Business writing can include sales and marketing materials; training and educational content; communications like emails and memos; reports and presentations; administrative materials like Standard Operating...


Language can make or break a document. We’ve all read documents that have been difficult to get through; often, the blame for this can be attributed to the use of expletives (aka lazy pronouns), overused phrases, buzzwords, too many words, needlessly pompous words, and the inappropriate use of verbs and active and passive voice.


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