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Does Your Company Need Written SOPs?

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Yes, if you value consistency and efficiency.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) describe in detail the practices, processes, and steps required to repeatedly deliver a desired outcome. They’re used in nearly every type of business, organization, and agency — no matter the size.

Companies in regulated industries need SOPs to demonstrate compliance with federal mandates. Small and midsized businesses will realize tangible benefits of writing Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Consistent product — Quality control is essential for customer retention.
  • Efficient workflows — Streamlining processes saves both time and money.
  • Business continuity — New employees will easily integrate into the business.  

Remember that SOPs are living documents. Processes change, regulations are revised, and management can change priorities. Frequently review and update your company’s SOPs to guarantee relevancy and effectiveness.

Finally, SOPs are useful only if employees and team members can follow them. If they’re outdated or poorly written, they’re of littleuse. The EPA’s Guidance for Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) includes this observation: “If not written correctly, SOPs are of limited value.”

If your organization needs help writing or revising SOPs, contact Hurley Write. We offer online and customized onsite classes in SOP writing; we also write and revise existing SOPs. Whatever your needs, we can ensure your SOPs are effective and that they reflect your company’s priorities and processes.

Does Your Company Need Written SOPs?

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