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We’re Judged by Our Written Communication

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Like it or not, readers judge you based on your writing.

“Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged—in college, in the workplace, and in the community.” This statement tops Marquette University’s list of reasons of the importance of   written communication   .

Especially in this information age, co-workers, prospective investors, or any other readers may never meet you, so your writing skills are the sole basis for conclusions they draw about you. Part of the importance of written communication   , is to make your writing stand out.

We’re not just talking about grammar here, although neat, correct sentences   do   matter. Structure of documents and paragraphs, word choice, and tone are major drivers behind effective writing, and the way to streamline those factors is by clearly identifying the purpose and audience of your document. This is true for technical, business, and scientific documents.

The fact that readers judge you based on writing is not just true for individuals. Companies face the same reality when producing   reports   , proposals, or   SOPs   for review by clients or governing agencies. If a business delivers a final document that doesn’t fulfill requirements or fails to clearly relay the desired action, the reputation for the entire company is tarnished. 

Hurley Write offers   online writing courses   for every need – for   individual users   or an   entire company   . We can help you improve your writing process and, consequently, your reputation.

We’re Judged by Our Written Communication

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