Growing Words isn't Possible, but Helping your Team Write Better Is


There are two big myths when it comes to writing in a professional setting, and many people fall for one or the other or both:

  • One piece of writing is just as good as any other, so it doesn't matter who in an organization takes on a writing task or how much training they've had.
  • Writing is an ability some people naturally have, and others just don't.

The truth is, good writing doesn't grow on trees, but it can be cultivated in your employees. Communicating well and with the audience's interests and needs in mind can help your firm connect with clients and customers, streamline interactions, and increase confidence on all sides of the proverbial table. You'll be planting a fruitful harvest if you take steps to improve employee writing.

Here are a few important areas to focus on:

  • Records and meeting notes not only help to catch up employees who may have missed the meeting or may need to be on-boarded, but they also provide a record of where you're going and where you've been, as well as the challenges you've faced along the way. Having those in place can be the difference between confusion and comprehension as you build on past achievements.
  • You can't run a business if you can't communicate. Internally, clear communication keeps things operating. Externally, it reflects your firm's and your staff's professionalism and shows that you're approachable and transparent enough that people never have to wonder what's going on. Either way, improve employee writing and your ROI will flourish .
  • Most people don't know any more about their technology than they do about crop rotation and fertilizer regimens. If you've got tech writing going on , having dense, convoluted, and confusing prose can be worse than having no documentation at all. 

All businesses have to communicate externally and internally, even businesses of one. (If you've ever left a "note-to-self" you can't decipher, you'll know what we mean.) Contact us Hurley Write, Inc . and let us help you improve employee writing and grow a garden of communication skills.

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