Ask Your Training Provider These 10 Questions


Competency-based training is a growing trend in business training and in higher education that aims to deliver better results and truly practical skills. But when you’re targeting training for specific skills and outcomes, can you trust an outside provider to create a program that meets your company’s needs?

The number of companies outsourcing their training to third-party vendors is growing. In a climate of tight budgets and sometimes brutal competition, any company looking to outsource its training has to be sure it’s choosing the right partner, one with which the company can develop a beneficial relationship.

Company training leaders also need to ensure that they and their employees get the highest possible value from the training. That means the training must match business needs while ensuring learner competency in the desired skill set.

When looking for a training vendor, start by asking the following key questions:

  1. How can your courses help us achieve our business goals?
  2. Are your online and onsite workshops led by qualified experts who understand our industry, not scripted trainers?
  3. Are your courses off-the-shelf or will you customize them for our company and industry?
  4. Do you offer flexible formats (online, staggered onsite, series, shorter sessions) and timelines?
  5. How do you assess participants’ competency?
  6. Are learners assessed before and after training to measure progress?
  7. What kind of feedback do you provide participants?
  8. When the course is over, do you provide ongoing follow-up or resources to help learners keep their skills current?
  9. How successful have you been at delivering on your training promises?
  10. Do you provide one-on-one coaching?

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