How Business Writing Skills Are Critical to Effective Workplace Communication


Businesses don't exist in a vacuum. Every business has to communicate with clients or customers, present itself well to prospective interested parties, describe its services in such a way that interested parties can find the business, and represent itself clearly enough to prevent misunderstandings—and that's just a few of the ways effective business writing is important! For these reasons, effective business writing skills can't be neglected in a successful business. 

Think about how your company handles these areas:

Your Internet Face

No matter how much the grammar mavens may decry text speak and Internet slang, the Internet has turned writing into a hugely important part of branding. If your website doesn't have information that readers can skim over to get what they need, if your Twitter feed sounds robotic or doesn't exist at all, or if your mail campaigns don't speak to the reader , your overall brand can suffer.

Employee and Consumer Time

Unclear writing means time spent double-checking facts , looking for clarifications, acting on wrong assumptions and, for customers, it may mean getting frustrated and moving to another brand or provider. Brushing up on business writing skills ensures that your meaning always comes through clearly to mitigate these risks.

Connecting With Your Niche

No matter what services you offer, your target audience is at least some degree more specific than "everyone." But how do your customers find you? And once they've found you, how do they become confident that your services are the services they're looking for? Strong writing communication skills can be the difference between a customer initiating contact and deciding to try somewhere else.

Proper training can boost effectiveness. If you want to foster valuable business writing skills in your company, contact Hurley Write, Inc. today to learn about courses, workshops, and other training resources.

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