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Pam Hurley

Pam Hurley, PhD

Pam Hurley, PhD, is the founder and president of Hurley Write, Inc., a certified women-owned small business. Pam’s teaching style has been described as “energetic” and “straightforward.” Indeed, many clients credit Pam with giving them the strategies they needed to start thinking critically about their own writing.

She started the business for one simple reason: as an academic, she saw her students struggle with their writing. In fact, many of them simply had the attitude that they “couldn’t” write.

While in graduate school, Pam was introduced to the concept of readability studies and a lightbulb went off! She knew that these concepts could help her students. And they did. When she started teaching these concepts, students’ writing began to improve, they seemed to struggle less with their writing, and many of them commented on how much easier it was to write.

Clients include engineers in companies such as Raytheon, Intel, and United Technologies; biotech and pharma professionals at Genentech, Bayer, and Novartis; and financial and IT professionals in organizations such as Discover Financial, PCAOB, and Dillard’s.

What makes Pam unique?

  • Pam never stops learning and applies what she learns about writing to her classes on an ongoing basis.
  • She’s been perfecting this notion of readability and applying problem-solving skills to writing since she started the business and, through many iterations, has developed a technique that helps professionals solve their writing problems: they write better documents in less time.
  • Pam’s dry sense of humor makes her a favorite in the classroom, as she can take a subject that many professionals see as dry and make it fun!

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Core Competencies

Hurley Write, Inc., a certified women-owned small business (WBENC and WOSB), has been designing and teaching customized onsite, virtual,  and online technical, business, and scientific writing courses for over 30 years. We also develop and teach specialty courses, such as writing proposals, standard operating procedures (SOPs), deviation, and investigation reports, and preparing and giving great presentations.

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