Written Communication: One of the Most Underrated Skill Sets Among Young Employees


As new college grads get ready to enter the workforce, what skills do you want them to have before adding them to your team? Business knowledge, tech savviness, teamwork, professionalism, and self-motivation are all skills employers look for when evaluating newcomers. However, none of these has any merit if young employees don’t have written communication skills .
Why is this skill among young employees (and really all employees) so important? How could it possibly take precedence over these other competencies? Consider these reasons:
  • Poor writing makes a bad impression: We’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in a fast-paced, competitive business setting, these types of snap judgments are made daily. Poor writing can be off-putting to potential clients who judge your company by the poor writing skills of a few employees.
  • Poor written communication among young employees is costly: Unclear emails, mistakes in reports, and indecipherable instructions waste time and money. To counter this, businesses spend over $3 billion annually on writing classes for employees .
  • Strong communication skills among employees give your company a competitive edge: Whether you’re trying to attract a new partner or close a deal with a big client, communication is everything. In an age when email rules, it’s likely most of your correspondence takes place in writing rather than over the phone. You should have confidence in every employee to represent your company professionally, whether they're communicating verbally or in writing.
  • Strong writing skills increase day-to-day productivity: When your employees correspond with one another via email and memos, how often do they have to ask for clarification? Confusing messages waste time. However, concise, effective language gets the intended meaning across the first time. This type of strong written communication can preserve hours of productivity every month.
Written communication is the number one skill lacking among college graduates. Fortunately, you can counter this problem with writing courses and training geared specifically for your field.
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