What’s the Most Cost-Effective Option for Dealing with Poor Writing? Training


It’s discouraging to realize that a vast majority of college graduates don’t have the writing skills they need to make it in today's professional environment. Though they often possess other impressive management, accounting and leadership skills , those entering the job market fresh from college with minimal writing experience can negatively impact their new employers with ineffective and sometimes embarrassing workplace writing.

If you’re dealing with poor writing among your employees, what’s the most cost effective option available to you? It's almost always onsite workplace training . Other options like the ones listed below not only require considerable investment, but they have only indirect effects that circumvent the real problem of workplace writing.
  • Ignoring the problem - You may be thinking, "If poor workplace writing skills have been a problem for years, why should my company bother to address it? We've made do so far." Ignoring the problem is certainly an option, but hidden business costs abound. For example, poor communication between employees and customers can result in lost revenue, and indecipherable emails between coworkers reduce productivity.
  • Potentially ineffective college courses - You could require employees to take college-level writing classes and reimburse their tuition. However, with the growing cost of college tuition and training that you have no control over, this option really is a gamble. Are they going to learn information that applies directly to your industry? It's unlikely.
  • Overseas recruitment - Perhaps you've given this some thought, but if you’re a small business owner, chances are you don’t have the resources to recruit overseas. It's a costly, time-intensive option that can still be laced with communication problems.
Workplace Training
It takes time, effort, and money to help your employees become better writers, but it’s the most direct and cost effective option to improving workplace writing. The best type of workplace training addresses the company’s specific industry and takes place one-on-one or in small groups.

There’s no such thing as a quick fix to turn mediocre writers into highly competent ones, but writing classes can get your employees on the path to better writing. To learn more, contact Hurley Write, Inc. today.

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