One Skill Recruiters Say Is Lacking With Recent M.B.A. Grads? Strong Communication Skills



The lack of strong  communication skills  among recent graduates applying for jobs has been   frustrating recruiters   for nearly a decade. In fact, it tops the list of complaints recruiters have when trying to find competent men and women to fill vacant positions.

Instead of the impressive job applications you might expect from college graduates, companies are often faced with documents full of rambling sentences plagued with misspelled words and  grammatical errors . This doesn’t bode well for companies hoping to hire individuals who can draft coherent and effective communication. 

Understanding the Problem

The age of texting and instant messaging is partly to blame for poor communication skills  among college graduates. Letters of introduction to recruiters are often far from professional, frequently resembling a quick, casual email someone might send to a friend.

Recruiters can count on M.B.A. graduates from all major business schools to be competent in accounting, marketing and other business fundamentals. Unfortunately, soft skills such as communication and leadership are harder to come by, largely because they are difficult skills to teach in the classroom.

Developing Strong Communication Skills   Anytime

How can recent college graduates boost business communication skills? Take   writing courses  to not only combat grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in professional communication, but also develop effective analysis and critical thinking skills.

Recruiters also encourage M.B.A. students and recent grads to take advantage of public-speaking opportunities. Practice communicating in this way encourages the clear exhibition of thoughts and ideas and leads to more successful job presentations and other workplace communication. 

Of course, effective communication skills are required of all good business leaders, but students also need to have vision. Knowing when to take risks, as well as how to inspire and motivate those around them are other skills that go hand in hand with effective communication in the professional world.

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