Subpar Writing Skills Affecting State Budgets


Private companies aren't the only ones that rely on their employees' writing skills to keep them productive and fiscally sound. State government agencies also need employees who can clearly and easily express their thoughts in writing. When state employees struggle with this, the state's whole budget suffers.

Poor Writing Makes Slow Going
Vague, poorly phrased, and error-ridden writing can lead to countless hours of lost productivity. The blame often lies with a grammatical error, a misused word , or misplaced punctuation that throws the whole meaning of a sentence into doubt.
In the best case scenario, the reader can make sense of the material by re-reading it a few times. That may not take hours, but it does cut into workflow efficiency . If re-reading doesn't help, the next step is to seek out clarification, either from the original writer or from coworkers. The repeated rounds of phone and email tag this often entails can put work on hold for days.

These delays are costly in terms of wasted time, but they're not the worst thing that can happen. Poorly written instructions can be understood in different ways by different people, so employees may not even realize they've misunderstood until they've invested significant time and work into a project. If all that work has to be scrapped, the pay the employees received is essentially wasted taxpayer money.

Bright Ideas Lost in the Confusion

One great idea from a state government employee has the potential to benefit hundreds of thousands of people. Ideas for speeding up the workflow, cutting unnecessary spending and optimizing existing resources are all things that can save taxpayer money.

If the employee can't convey the idea to others, though, it withers on the vine and no one benefits. Good writing skills are what make the difference.

Intelligence alone is no guarantee someone can clearly express themselves in writing. Just like playing an instrument, writing about governmental issues without falling back on convoluted bureaucratic language is a skill that takes practice and time to develop.

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