Can Great Thinkers become Great Writers?


Engineers, scientists, and technology experts often fill their writing with technical jargon. As a result, their writing can be difficult to understand.

Many experts automatically use the language that is most familiar and comfortable for them. Your team may simply lack the tools they need to tailor their writing to their readers. Or they might be modeling their writing on existing documents without considering the differences in audience and purpose between the old and new reports.

Try helping your team realize a crucial fact: writing is problem- solving. Just as your team uses problem-solving in the work they do every day, they simply need to learn how to take the strong critical thinking skills and apply those skills to writing.

To give your team the tools they need, have them start writing projects with three easy steps:
  • Plan time for writing every day (and write for a minimum of 15 minutes every day!)
  • Determine the audience for every piece of writing by writing it down
  • Ensure that the purpose for each document is clear by creating an outcome statement
A good writing guideline and planning reduces stress and provides clear direction for any document. If your team has trouble with any of these steps, consider a writing course that gives them hands-on experience.