Good Writing is Essential to Success & ROI


Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been discussing the importance of seeing a real ROI by closing the literacy gap and implementing a soft skills training program. This week, we'll be delving into the effects good writing can have on your and your business’ success, and, of course, how it can increase ROI.
Help me help you
No doubt you’ve seen the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. Hopefully you remember a funny locker room scene between Cruise and Gooding where Cruise’s Maguire flips out and says, “Help me help you” to Gooding’s Tidwell. Maguire is trying to  get Tidwell to understand that he needs to cooperate with Maguire to get what he wants: a better NFL contract.
The stakes are somewhat similar in the writing your team produces. If your team lacks these skills, their chances of success may be limited. In fact, a Grammerly study of 100 LinkedIn profiles  showed that people whose profiles had fewer grammar errors achieved higher positions, especially within the first 10 years of their careers. Another interesting find from the study was that those who stayed in a job for more than 10 years made 20 percent more errors in their profile.
You’re aware of the importance of good grammar, but in the age of automated spell check, 140 characters, text messaging, and emojis, it is easy to let your good writing skills go bad.
However, if your team doesn't strengthen its writing skills, you demonstrate to customers and clients that your team, and perhaps even your company, may not be as credible, professional, or accurate as they thought. In turn, you could lose out on attracting investors and business. 
The Proof is in the Percentages
Most people in business are aware of the importance of effective writing, but how often do they truly think about the impact of good writing skills? The authors of The Business Style Handbook wanted to know the answer to this question, so they surveyed communication experts at Fortune 500 companies:
  • 29% said writing skills are important for success
  • 22% said writing skills are somewhat important
  • 47% said the importance varies with the job
Just like the authors of The Business Style Handbook, Hurley Write recognizes the importance of good writing skills for both you and your company. Let us help you cultivate the writing and communication skills your team needs to write professional, effective documents and grow your ROI. 
Sadly, today, many people don't even know what the elements of good writing are. People put down information, but don't spend the time to think about the thesis of the writing, nor do they consider how to structure and format the information. This leaves the reader with the task of tying to interpret the information. Think about the misinterpretion factor and the inefficiencies that factor creates. It is everyone's responsibility in every job to communicate effectively. Think of it this way, effective writing start with clear thinking. We should all aspire to both.