Developing Soft Skills of Employees: A High Priority for Many Industries


Whether you're an HR manager or a job applicant, you probably have some pent-up frustrations with the whole job-seeking and interview process. But finding a job fit or a qualified applicant is only half the battle. More employers are discovering that new hires lack critical communication skills and are therefore developing employee soft skills in-house to make up the deficit.

Communication in the workplace is a foundational skill that impacts everything from the quality of client interactions to the efficiency of multi-person teams. But many employees may not realize they need improvement on these skills. After all, if they can communicate well in their peer group and could get past the essays for their college courses, what else do they need to learn?

But workplace communication covers far more than that, and employees may need to acquire skills in any of these areas, among others:

  • Communicating clearly and professionally in email
  • Writing memos and taking meeting notes
  • Writing grants and proposals
  • Technical writing
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Marketing
  • Social media and client outreach

Every form of writing in the workplace has different criteria for success. So what's the solution? Developing employee soft skills often falls to the company. While providing resources for individual study and using employee review periods to facilitate discussion about communication are good, the most concentrated gains can often be found through professional courses. 

Whether it's an individual improving his or her skills to move to a new job role in technical documentation or an entire department brushing up on the basics of effective email communication , courses in workplace communication have a proven effect on your ROI.

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