Latest Corporate Trend: Investing in the Professional Development of Current Employees


Hiring probably doesn't make too many "most favorite activities" lists for corporations. Not only does it require effort and work hours from key players in the company, but it's always a gamble.  In fact, according to some human resource experts , hiring from an interview process is no better than selecting new employees at random!

When considering management positions, finding the right fit for the job can be especially difficult. That's why a growing number of companies are looking within and finding employees who already excel at their jobs and are engaged with the company's mission. Focused professional development for these employees can produce skilled managers and help sidestep an arduous hiring, onboarding, and training process.

In fact, research by Bersin & Associates revealed significant increases in time and money large companies devoted to professional development between 2010 and 2012. The figures range from a nearly 10 percent increase in money spent per participating employee  to a doubling of investment in social learning tools.

With a tumultuous market and a skills gap in applicants for any given position, improving the skills of existing employees has clear benefits for a  company's ROI . And focusing on employee training comes with a host of fringe benefits as well, from increased employee confidence and morale to a more broadly qualified workforce within the company as a whole.

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