Customized Writing Courses Improve Skills, Give Businesses an Edge


A lot of writing advice is universal, but the ability to write isn't one-size-fits-all. A project manager might need to show technical writing skills while wrangling a group of engineers, while a media spokesperson would need to have his/her presentation skills and conversational writing voice down pat. If you want to maximize your training ROI, avoid teaching extraneous skills and focus on the most valuable skill for each employee's position, customized writing courses are the way to go.

Many people are familiar with the university model of courses . A professor creates a syllabus, the syllabus is approved, and a class self-selects (to some extent) their participation. Effective training works on a different model. Employees and managers themselves determine what content needs to be covered in response to actual needs. And instead of college "prerequisites," a workplace writing instructor should evaluate the company's output, not only to look for areas of improvement, but also to gauge the criteria for success. A company whose major output is subcontracted manufacturing work has a much different goal for their training than an entertainment hub, for example.

On the company side, managers and employees should look at scheduling customized writing courses for small groups of related job roles. Some information, such as communicating effectively in email, may offer company-wide improvements. Other courses lend themselves more to certain positions. In those cases, scheduling different courses for different positions is a wiser choice than scheduling one large course for everyone.

Hurley Write, Inc. offers onsite and online training in a number of workplace writing skills. To learn more about how these courses can fit into your company's training goals, contact us today .

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