Clear Writing: One of the Soft Skills That Can Get You Promoted


These days, if you want to advance, it's not good enough just to excel in your stated job role. With budget woes and a workplace that has to compete harder than ever, auxiliary skills are necessary if you're chasing a promotion. And if you're looking to develop your skills to get promoted, you can't ignore your communication skills, not least because you'll need to communicate your skills to your supervisor!

Brushing up on writing can help you stand out among your peers. Here's how:

  • Knowing how to write well can help you organize your thoughts , on and off the page. When reviewing the work you've done for your company, being able to present your case clearly and cogently is much more effective than walking into the office and saying, "I want a raise."
  • Teamwork and collaboration are high-value skills that rely on communication and coordination. Whether you're leading a project or making sure you're on the same page as your project lead, clear written communication through memos and emails helps.
  • Writing well can help develop critical thinking skills , which in turn develops your problem-solving abilities. If you need to develop skills to get promoted, being able to take initiative and propose solutions shows that you're an asset to the team.
  • Communication is at the heart of negotiation and problem solving, and in some cases can prevent problems by ensuring that misunderstandings don't happen. Whether it's being able to write a clear position paper or being able to soothe ruffled feathers in a tense email exchange, words matter.
  • Being able to keep good records and draw conclusions from those records makes you more adaptable as an employee. This allows you to weigh what worked against what didn't, and make future plans accordingly.

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