5 Areas Where Quality Business Writing Really Packs a Punch


Everybody writes, whether it's text messaging to friends or the next great American novel. But not everybody writes well. And when it comes to business writing, being able to outperform your competitors can be a serious advantage, whether you're looking for a job or you've already reached C-level at an international corporation. Here are five ways that improving your workplace writing can improve your career:

  1. You'll be more attractive to hiring managers. It's a tough hiring economy, and companies look for a lot of competencies. If your application's cover letter is well-crafted, it can get you past the first gate. And if you're able to write a compelling sales letter  and keep your co-workers up-to-date with insightful memos, you'll stand out as a valuable addition to the team.
  2. You'll be more attractive to clients. With consumer sentiment the lifeblood of the reputation economy, communicating with clients can increase their confidence in you and your brand. That, in turn, can lead to heftier contracts and good word-of-mouth.
  3. You'll enjoy more successful negotiations. Negotiations are just a fact of the business writing world, and if you can organize your arguments, present them calmly and clearly, and not belabor the point, you'll be more persuasive. This could mean anything from a lucrative contract to landing a sabbatical.
  4. Communicating means coordinating . If you're at a company of any size at all, the left hand needs to be kept up to date on what the right hand is doing. Better writing skills mean you'll communicate more effectively, reducing inefficiencies.
  5. Writing affects your upward mobility. Not only does writing well increase your value to the company, it improves your ability to communicate that value when reviews come up! If you've got your sights set on a promotion, brushing up on your communications skills can't hurt.

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