How Does a Writing Series Benefit Adult Learners?


Research shows that adult learners value learning that integrates with the demands of their everyday life and that these learners are “independent and self directing [sic].” In addition, they’re interested in “immediate, problem centred [sic] approaches than in subject centred [sic] ones” (

That said, it only makes sense to ensure that the training your organization offers integrates smoothly into their daily work life and allows them to independently apply that learning. In addition, the training should provide practical strategies that they can begin to use immediately to see results; otherwise, they may abandon the strategies and/or the training itself. Training offered over time is a great way to meet these needs and ensure that the training is beneficial. Longer-term training, such as a series, benefits these learners as well because, if done appropriately, can help them find practical solutions to their immediate problems, which often include writing issues.

While training offered as over days rather weeks or months certainly has its place, training offered in shorter, more targeted sessions may provide better long-term results for various reasons. Such training allows participants to concentrate on one or two topics rather than several, thereby providing for a deeper dig; it gives participants ample and multiple opportunities to apply the concepts and to figure out what works and what doesn’t; and allows them to work more closely with the instructor to help them establish best practices. Training offered over time also allows the instructor to establish a rapport with participants and enables that instructor to help participants discover new strategies and tweak them to ensure improvement.

Training offered as a series can also eliminate the problem that some employers have of taking their staff off-line for a day or several days at a time, thereby saving the company time and money. The largest benefit, however, of such training is that, like the university model of teaching, where students learn and apply concepts over time, the adult learner can learn the value of incorporating and building upon techniques to create a successful line of attack to solve their immediate problems.

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