Audience, Audience, Audience!


Know Your Audience
A necessary part of creating easily understood documents is having a specific, desired purpose in mind. By extension, you must know the audience. Ask yourself the following questions to effectively learn about your audience.

  • Who are your readers? — Are they technical experts or laypersons? Associates or clients? Familiar or unfamiliar with the subject matter?
  • Why are they reading? — To gain knowledge? To make a decision?
  • What do they hope to gain — and what do you hope that they gain? (Are you trying to convince them to take a certain action?)
  • How will they use the document? — Will the abstract be posted online? Will the paper be read once, or used as a reference?

After you determine your audience and what you want your readers to accomplish, it’s time to plan how to write content that will accomplish your goal.

The experts at Hurley Write can help you develop an audience rubric to guide your writing projects. Contact us to find out more.