Writing for Results


planningHow can you achieve results from a written document? First, you must understand the goal. If you have a crystal-clear vision of exactly what you want to accomplish, envisioning the steps you need to take to get there becomes easier. Stating the goal, or outcome, makes writing much easier.

Think about it. Have you ever started to make a meal without knowing exactly what you wanted to eat? Just toss some ingredients together and hope that the final product is an unquestionable success? With that approach, most of us would end up with a jumbled, unappetizing mess — like maple syrup and asparagus meatballs.

Just as in cooking, start writing with a clear purpose and objective in mind.  For instance, if you’re writing a grant proposal, the goal is not to inform the readers of the minute details of your project; rather, the goal is to get funding.

Of course, the goals for different types of writing projects might not be so straightforward. When you write standard operating procedures, you might have two goals: providing clear directions for users and complying with government or organizational mandates. When you publish a research article, you may want to inform the scientific community of your findings and attract investors to your organization.

But even if your goals are more complex, defining them sets the stage to achieve the preferred results. Also, simply thinking about the goal isn’t enough — you need to write it down.

Now you’re on your way. Let us know if need any help along the way; Hurley Write can help you achieve your writing goals.