Importance of the Writing Process


Do you or your co-workers put off writing projects until the last possible moment? And then you expect to sit in front of your computer and pound away for a couple of days until the task is completed? I’m guessing you realize this probably isn’t the best way to approach writing, and your business could benefit from these effective writing process tips.

Clear, intelligible written communication is essential for every business. The format of the end product may vary, from Web content to grant proposals to research articles to compliance documentation. But the main requirement is still the same: explain your message to your intended audience clearly, concisely, and completely.

Unfortunately, rapidly churning out paragraphs and pages two days before a deadline doesn’t guarantee any of the desired outcomes. Without thoughtful planning and a clear process, your writing is bound to end up cluttered, disjointed, and incomplete.

Implement writing processes at your workplace. Many organizations have checklists and SOPs for everything from safety audits to server protocols, but often, writing processes are neglected. Because your company’s writing is often either the first or only link to a client, shouldn’t it receive proper care and attention? Your company’s writing is its product in many cases!

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