Avoid 4 Common Errors in Your Writing


needtoknow Since Hurley Write courses cover organization, clarity, and other composition issues rather than grammar and proofreading, we thought our blog would be a good place to address these 4 common grammar mistakes we see.

This isn’t a test, and we aren’t pointing any fingers. However, even the best and brightest of us have made errors. After all, ain’t nobody perfect.

  1. Pronoun-antecedent agreement

Make your pronoun match the noun it's replacing.
Incorrect: Attention employees! No one should eat lunch at their desk.
Correct: On his birthday, the CEO will buy lunch for the entire company.

   2. Subject-verb agreement

Singular or plural? The verb should match the subject that’s performing the action.
Incorrect: Every single one of the employees deserve this benefit.
Correct: The HR manager will certainly approve this proposal for unlimited vacation days.

3. It’s v. its and their v. they’re v. there

Remember that the apostrophe replaces part of a word. Do you mean “it is” or “they are?” If not, choose another form.
Incorrect:Its also true that I don’t want to know what their doing.
Correct: It’s completely possible that they’re going in there.

4. Colon Use

In a sentence, a colon should only follow a complete thought.
Incorrect: The Colorado-based company loves: football, snow, and beer.
Correct: The company celebrates unusual holidays: Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Tim Tebow’s birthday.

Share your writing stories with us. Hurley Write can help you avoid grammar mistakes in order to write cohesive, organized, interesting, readable, and grant-awardable documents.