Improving Your Writing Is Excellent New Year's Resolution


2012While fewer and fewer people readily admit that they set resolutions for the New Year, January 1 is a natural time of reflection and planning. It’s difficult to ignore the potential promise of the next 12 months, and it’s a seemingly universal behavior to spend some time thinking of changes to be made.

Yes, maintaining a healthier lifestyle and spending more time with loved ones are admirable goals. This year, though, try a new resolution: improve your writing. The results will be profound and lasting.

Learning to construct effective sentences, paragraphs, papers, and articles will help you achieve other life goals.

  1. Improve job satisfaction and potential for mobility. Better writing will make you enjoy your career more. Communication skills are always important to employers, and honing yours will always increase chances at promotions and new opportunities.
  2. Learn something new. Many people pledge to learn something new in the new year. Why not make it something useful, like how to construct an organized, interesting introduction to a paper?
  3. Stop hating to write! Once you learn the best ways to organize your thoughts and relay information to others, you won’t put off writing projects until the last possible moment. This will improve not only the quality of your writing, but also your attitude toward it.

Professional writing is a skill that can be learned. Mastering a few skills and techniques make all the difference in succeeding— even excelling — at writing.

Eat well, exercise more, and write more eloquently in 2012!