Hurley Write, Inc. Now Offering Online Business Writing Course


Hurley Write, Inc. is now offering a seven-week online business writing course. This interactive course offers a voiced lecture, supplements to the lecture, and professional written feedback on work submitted.Online Business Writing Course

Hurley Write, Inc., a North Carolina-based company, is now offering a seven-week online business writing class. The company has been designing and teaching onsite customized writing courses since 1988 and started providing online courses in 2004.

"Our online courses are several weeks to allow participants to build upon the concepts taught in the classes and to have multiple opportunities to apply the concepts," says Pam Hurley, PhD, the company's founder and president. The online business writing class will be offered in addition to the company's other two online courses, scientific writing and technical writing. In addition, the online course provides participants with writing options on which they receive written feedback.

"People really like the option of getting professional feedback on their work," says Hurley. "We modeled these courses on my years of experience teaching writing in the seated classroom. Many writers want feedback on their writing, and for many writers, a workshop where they can build on and apply concepts over time makes a lot of sense." The online business writing course will imitate the successful model of the company's online technical and scientific writing courses, but will also include a job aid that participants can use to help them apply the concepts discussed in the modules to their writing. The business writing course covers topics such as business language use; report, email, and letter writing; and editing and proofreading techniques. For more information, contact Hurley Write, Inc.