How Writing Courses Improve Team Communication and Workflows


Posted Oct. 20, 2021

When your company’s team become better business writers, workflows are more efficient, teams save time, and there are fewer misunderstandings (and fewer emails that could have been meetings!).
Key takeaways:
  • 8 ways writing courses improve team workflows:
    1. Direct dialogues  
    2. Promote productivity 
    3. Cut the confusion
    4. Fewer meetings (that could have been emails)
    5. Better business documents
    6. Improved emails
    7. Write like an influencer
    8. Time savings
Writing is a big part of day-to-day operations for most professionals, even though the word “writer” isn’t in their job title. We receive an average of 121 emails a day and send almost 40! If your team can’t effectively communicate through written word, chances are it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

The good news is that Hurley Write’s professional writing courses help teams develop better writing skills for internal and external communication. After yours completes one, there will be noticeably improved workflows, less confusion, and fewer meetings that could have just been well-written emails! This means less back and forth about documents and projects for overall time savings. Employees with strong writing skills are more credible, too, because they can communicate clearly and professionally. 

Here are the top eight ways a team writing course can improve office communication and workflow and put an end to the constantly “confused math faces” about misunderstood emails.
1. Direct dialogues
Better business writing skills mean team members can more directly and effectively say what they mean. They’ll learn how to speak in the active voice, which means they can clearly convey a point to coworkers, customers, and third parties. Plus, better writing skills often equate to better speaking skills.
2. Promote productivity
Productivity is about developing streamlined processes. A lack of strong writing skills makes streamlining almost impossible because of the back and forth to clarify what has been said or established. Straightforward communication promotes productivity. Team members who write succinctly help their workplaces remain efficient and productive because everyone stays on the same page. By introducing a focused writing course for your team, everybody wins. Your team will understand each other, clients will understand your team, resulting in increased productivity. That’s a win, win, win.
3. Cut the confusion
The secret to good writing is being able to clearly communicate in as few words as possible. Most miscommunications and misunderstandings are the result of too many words that often don’t lead anywhere. That’s because without proper training people tend to express themselves by transcribing their thoughts, or, worse — transcribing as though they were speaking out loud.

Written words should be short, concise, and clear.  A writing course will help your team develop strong writing skills so they can express their points in fewer words (and readers love that!) They’ll be able to “trim the fat” from their writing, and essentially trim the confusion. 
4. Fewer meetings (that could have been emails!)
We live in a modern and often virtual-based world. Technologies – emails, chat boards, workflow platforms, texting and more – have made most meetings superfluous, so long as teams can effectively deliver information via written communication. Put an end to the unnecessary, often lengthy, in-person (or Zoom) conversations! Business writing training helps your team master written communications so they can avoid meetings that could have been emails.
5. Better business docx
If your team writes white papers, marketing content, or internal documents, it’s imperative to do so confidently and correctly. All the documents your team puts out represent your business on the whole. Just one subpar piece of content could give your enterprise a bad rep! Help your team be confident and comfortable when creating business documents with a writing course designed to strengthen those exact skills.
6. Improve emails
Whether communicating with customers or colleagues, emails are still the top choice for workplace communication. Learning how to be concise is key. Readers don’t want to waste time reading a novel in their inboxes (especially a poorly written one containing garbled thoughts). A writing course can teach your team how to keep it short and sweet while still providing critical details.

7. Write like an influencer
Well-written content is cohesive, error-free and organized. Your team may not be made up of Instagram influencers, but they could be after taking a professional writing course. They’ll be able to develop consistent written communications that include all the above-listed points and are convincing. Your team will be producing documents that are well-put-together, well-expressed and well-backed by research or statistics. Help them make their mark with influential writing skills.
8. Time is money
Teams that communicate well in writing are more productive and efficient because of one big factor: time savings. Teams generally spend a lot of time preparing business documents and writing and responding to emails, but don’t spend enough time reviewing them for clarity or errors. After taking a writing course, your team will be able to prepare written information more quickly, have extra time for and understand the importance of edits and revisions, then move onto other, more pressing work-related tasks.

Hurley Write will help your team write it right!

Hurley Write offers writing courses that pack powerful impact. Our virtual, online, and onsite learning options are customized to your team to improve productivity, writing quality, and save your business time and money.  

Help your team put their best foot forward when it comes to professional communication with one of our engaging, educational, and empowering interactive courses. Our instructors will share best practices for writing that will help your team succeed and put an end to meaningless meetings.

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