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Posted November 26, 2019

A blank page can intimidate even professional writers. Generating a beautifully written document that engages readers and meets business objectives can challenge even those of us for whom writing is a core job function. It can be even worse for business professionals who believe that writing is secondary to their primary duties. Thankfully, all writers can leverage a ton of resources that can help throughout the writing process to create a winning document. Here are a few such professional writing tools that organizations might consider for their staff.

Productivity-oriented tools

Writing is hard work! It’s easy to turn away from a document with which a writer is struggling in favor of distractions like web browsing, social media, or other duties. Some tools can help with this by limiting the availability of other software on your computer (like email and web browsers) during certain times. Other tools automate specific productivity techniques, like the Pomodoro Method that emphasizes short (25-minute), focused bursts of work.

Grammar analysis

Many writers have a bad habit of editing while writing, even when it’s still in the first draft stage. That slows the process, interrupts the flow, draws brainpower from the drafting itself, and leaves writers second-guessing their efforts. Instead, don’t worry about errors and mistakes. Just focus on getting the draft on paper, however messy it is, and then run it through a grammar analysis tool to catch errors.

Document creation software

Software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs are great for writers: they’re flexible, powerful programs that can generate all kinds of complex documents. That said, the extensive functionality can be overcomplicated and distracting. In this case, distraction-free writing apps can help writers focus on just writing. In other cases, specialized, situation-specific programs can help. For example, manual creation software can facilitate the creation of these complex, interlinking, sometimes interactive documents.

Online and virtual training

A little skills development can go a long way toward strengthening the ability to reliably produce stellar business documents; and a little confidence can do a whole lot to conquer the challenge of staring at a blank page. And with today’s technology, staff at business organizations can access effective training without ever leaving their offices through online and virtual training. This training format offers the same degree of interactivity as in-person training but is available wholly through the computer or smart device.
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